Utah’s Bounce House Heaven

Bounce house heaven is here, with locations in Ogden, North Salt Lake, and Pleasant Grove. Three stories high, larger than life bounce houses and slides will provide fun and laughter for the youngsters, while you can also relax and even spend some time in the lounge area enjoying the Massage Chairs, Free WIFI, and some time with the grownups.

Kangaroo Zoo is what kids love; it is a colorful, inviting, and adventurous playground that they will love and which you will find is safe and clean. As first time visitors you will be amazed by the sheer variety of ways for children to jump, hop, bounce, and slide. They can run and have fun while you can rest assured that all is well.

Indoor Playground in Pleasant Grove, Ogden, and North Salt Lake

At Kangaroo Zoo we love kids and want them to have an experience that they will talk about for years to come. And we want you to be perfectly satisfied that you made the right decision in bringing them to us for the greatest indoor activities anywhere along the Wasatch Front.
We know that on your return visits you will be still be thrilled that we can provide such a great atmosphere for family entertainment. At Kangaroo Zoo children 12 and younger can use up some of that energy they have in abundance at our secure and safe facilities.

Birthday Party Fun!

Our services include fabulous Party Rooms for your special occasion. We relieve parents of stress and frustration by providing hosts and hostesses dedicated to making your celebration absolutely amazing. You have the privacy of the themed Party Room you choose. The Princess Room is a great favorite, but the Bug Room, and Cosmos Room are also very popular. Paper plates, cups and utensils are provided and we do all the clean up! There are invitations for your guests and you can bring along the birthday cake and presents when you book your Party Room. Kangaroo Zoo is definitely the place for you.