Testimonials 3

“Kangaroo Zoo is awesome. My friend and I take our kids there. We get to relax on the couches while the kids run wild and have lots of fun for hours. It’s much more stress free than other kids play places.”

Testimonial 2

“We had my grand son’s b-day party there and the kids had a blast. I forgot the discount coupon, but the were willing to still give me the discount. I like that they have different toys that are age appropriate.”

Home Page Testimonials

“My family loves to go to kangaroo zoo! The place is always clean, the staff has always been friendly and helpful, and best of all my kids are getting great exercise while they play. Worlds better than those windowless video game/token/pizza places. Kangaroo zoo is light and open–easy to keep an eye on the kids. Highly recommend. Very fun!”